Help Magician Elite Introduction


Since 1992, Help Magician has helped over 20,000 help authors, documentation writers, and programmers create classic WinHelp, HTML Help, printed manual, and Web-based documentation for applications and  corporate intranets -- all from a single source.  Help Magician Elite is the culmination of over ten years of refinements and upgrades that users have asked for.  With its intuitive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, you don't have to be bogged down learning RTF or HTML.  Creating help files and online documentation with Help Magician is actually FUN!  Help Magician can handle any size help project, whether it's a small 10-page help file or a large 5,000 page corporate/government policy manual.

Many site licenses have been sold because Help Magician is the only stand-alone help authoring tool to allow concurrent multi-user documentation development with its built-in project management system.  It guarantees that help authors won't interfere with each others' development.

Another powerful feature of Help Magician that many help authoring tools lack is the ability to test your help file as you are developing it.  For instance, you can see the links and click on them as you work.  No need to compile ahead of time!

All of the most-used parameters of help authoring (contents, context string, context number, keywords) are available on the main screen (see below).  So you save a lot of time not having to switch tabs or popup dialog boxes to alter these parameters. 

We invite you to peruse the many features and benefits of Help Magician Elite using the navigation tree on the left side of your screen.  We've made the manual available online as part of this tour -- it was generated with Help Magician and easily integrated with this web site!  Download the demo (or request a demo CD) and use it for up to 14 days (please follow the tutorial provided with the demo).  When you are ready to purchase, we can convert the demo into a full working product.

Help Magician has received numerous positive reviews from magazines such as PC Magazine, Windows Magazine, Delphi Informant, and others.

Help Magician is backed with FREE tech support (phone {yes, a human!} and/or email) and low-cost yearly maintenance subscriptions.  Single user price is $249.  If you are upgrading from ForeHelp or another help authoring system, then save $100 and get Help Magician Elite for $149 (proof of owner ship required)!